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Tips for taking your cat to the veterinarian

Mr. Bingley, being a somewhat homebody, can sense really quickly when it’s his turn to go to the vet, and before I know it, he is off and hiding.  And he a lot faster runner than me, so it can sometimes end up becoming a unnecessary stressful ordeal. In search of other ways to relieve […]


#1 Human Lesson Training from my Maine Coon Cat

  Bing, my black Maine coon cat has managed to teach me a important lesson.  And it took a while to clue into something he does pretty much wherever and when needed.  To Have a Nap. I have come to realize, through his daily actions, that Naps are UNDERRATED!  Not only do I feel better […]

Living with cats has taught me a few lessons. Check out The number #1 thing I learned