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Black Maine Coon ipad fun

ipads can be fun for Maine coons too, especially with apps designed to attract and challenge them.  This app is a game of cat and mouse and the on going chase, one of many apps available to keep your kitty entertained. Tweet


Maine Coon Cats Personality | Black Maine Coon Cat

If your considering adopting a Maine Coon cat, there are a few things you should be aware of, as this is NO ordinary cat.  Your first clue, will probably be the cost of your cat, if you are purchasing your Maine Coon Cat from a reputable breeder. The Maine coon cats personality is playful, which […]

The Maine coon cats personality is playful, which unlike some other breeds of cats, remains playful for their entire life. It is important that you have a selection of toys available for them to play with. Some that you would play together with and some that they can play on their own with.