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Funny Cats Sleeping

These cats are so tired, they don’t seem to mind what position they fell asleep in! This video of different clips of cats sleeping is pretty funny! Careful you just might burst out laughing and wake them up!

6 Ways to tell if your cat loves you

Curious if your cat loves you or just leading you down the garden path to fill up their food bowl? Watch for the six ways this video shows how – you might be surprised!

Are cats attached to their owners?

So just how attached are cats to their owners? Or are they attached at all?
In this video you will see just how some cats REALLY feel about their owners and it’s not surprising!

Black Cats Rule! Meet Cole

Some people hold strange ideas about Black Cats like being unlucky. But I disagree and think they rule! Meet Cole, he’s simply adorable. His owners recused him when his was a kitten and are smitten to have him in their life!

Pets Growing Up with Their Toys

When you give your new little pet a toy, have you ever wondered what the toy would look like when your pet is all grown up? This video is cute because it shows how big their pets have gotten and how small their toy seems now!