Black Maine Coon Shenanigans

Taking a break from work, I got myself some yogurt and Bing some cat treats. Bing has his own unique way of rating his food, if he likes it, he devours it. If he thinks it sucks, he loves to fire it around.
After opening the yogurt and having a couple of bites, I had to step out for a coupleĀ  of minutes, but left the video running.

Caught on video, “Badda Bing” doing the “black maine coon shenanigans”


Bing watching himself on Youtube!

Later when I posted Bing’s shenanigans video on youtube, he was checking it out for himself. “King Bing” is a somewhat youtube video junkie at best, and seemed quite proud of his “black Maine coon shenanigans”.

Now that’s a wrap!