Funny Cats Sleeping 6 Ways to tell if your cat loves you Are cats attached to their owners? Black Cats are the Best Maine Coon Cats Personality | Black Maine Coon Cat

Funny Cats Sleeping

These cats are so tired, they don’t seem to mind what position they fell asleep in! This video of different clips of cats sleeping is pretty funny! Careful you just might burst out laughing and wake them up!

6 Ways to tell if your cat loves you

Curious if your cat loves you or just leading you down the garden path to fill up their food bowl? Watch for the six ways this video shows how – you might be surprised!

Are cats attached to their owners?

So just how attached are cats to their owners? Or are they attached at all? In this video you will see just how some cats REALLY feel about their owners and it’s not surprising!

Black Cats are the Best

In honor of black cat appreciation day, the owners of Cole made this heart warming video. Did you know black cats are the last to be adopted and first to be euthanized at animal shelters? Cole is an adorable black rescue kitten and here is his story, of how he was rescued on the street […]

Maine Coon Cats Personality | Black Maine Coon Cat

If your considering adopting a Maine Coon cat, there are a few things you should be aware of, as this is NO ordinary cat.  Your first clue, will probably be the cost of your cat, if you are purchasing your Maine Coon Cat from a reputable breeder. The Maine coon cats personality is playful, which […]

VTB shows his soft side

Vinnie The Boss aka VTB has long ruled his household, training his humans well. This rare and rather beautiful shot captured VTB actually showing a soft moment. Hmmm, perhaps all along VTB has a soft side and we finally caught a picture to prove it. He’s a big beautiful black cat with a fun spirited side!

VTB aka Vinnie the Boss showing his soft side. Sometimes the toughest ones are the biggest lovin' marshmallows inside =^.^=

Posted by Black Maine Coon on Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Gucci – A big kitten

Meet Gucci, a little BIG kitten handsome guy that is only 17 weeks old. Holy, he has a lot to grow still yet, can’t wait to see how big he ends up being!

Handsome Gucci is only 17 weeks old, he's going to be a big boy! Thumbs up if you think so too.

Posted by Black Maine Coon on Wednesday, December 23, 2015

FlashBack Thursday – Jake whan he was a kitten

Jake all grown up now, is full of fun and pretty adorable when he was a kitten. thumbs up if you think so too!

The Lure of the beautiful black cat

We black cat lovers know the lure of their beauty! But did you know that their are many different colors of black Maine coon cats? If you part their hair and have a good look at the roots. Is the hair black all the way to the root? Or does the root have a different color, perhaps smokey? The would mean your #BMC is a smoke black maine coon.
If your wanting to know more, check out

Can you spot the real black cat?

Having a little fun! Depending on the background, time of day and circumstances, Black Cats can very hard to spot.