black maine coon bing hiding in his crunchy tunnel

Black Cats are Lucky

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A little rhyme time fun for Bing the Maine Coon Cat!

Have you ever met a friendly black cat?
Most people think black cats are bad luck,
but I don’t know about that.
That’s not the case for me, you see,
because my black cat is as friendly as can be.

Bing is his name and he’s a Maine Coon.
That means he’s big and he’s fluffy
and sometimes he chatters at the moon.
He’s smart, but sometimes he crazy.
I guess the best way to describe him is that he’s slightly lazy.

Sometimes, in the middle of the night, Bing gets a great big grin.
Then, when you’re not looking, he’ll lightly kiss your chin!
He likes to use his fluffy tail to swat stuff,
and his favorite trouble is to tear up pillows into pillow fluff.

Why does bad luck follow black cats? I don’t know.
I suppose it’s because some people need to explain run in their pantyhose.
Maybe other people need an excuse to explain why they feel like their life blows.
What I know is that I love Bing, he loves me back,
and I would never, never ever trade in my loveable black cat.

Bing really loves a bright, sunny day.
That’s because he loves sunbeams in every possible way.
It warms his fur and it makes him purr.
The only way to get him away from it?
1.  Open a can of cat food   2.  Stir.

Bing the Black Maine Coon Cat
Bing checking out whatever wonders by

Sometimes I wonder what he has to say
when he’s just chattering away.
Is he asking for a bird to come his way?
Or for some catnip so that he can play?
Whatever it is, when he talks to me, it really makes my day.

Sometimes Bing considers himself a hunter.
He’ll sit and stare at a spot, waiting for mouse plunder.
But when he might get the chance to strike,
he just sits there, looks at me, and expects ME to take a bite!

There’s some things I’ll eat, but one of them is not wild mouse meat.
No way is what I say!

Bing likes to prowl around in the grass.
I can’t believe that furry black body can move so fast!
Inevitably Bing ends up just rolling around on the dust covered ground because for some reason, he thinks his fur looks better in brown.

I’ve had a lot of friends come and go,
and with all respect to them, Bing is the best friend I know.
He comes to sit on my lap every night
and when he does that, I know everything will be all right.

So if you don’t like black cats, that’s fine with me.
I think black cats are as special as can be.
Bing proves it to me time and time again,
that he and I will always be the very best of friends.

Black Maine Coon Cat "Bing"
Life is good!
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