Cat Proofing Your Home

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Maine Coon personalityMaine Coon Cats are very playful.  Unlike other breeds of cats, the Maine Coon continues to remain very playful for its entire life.  They certainly have great personalities & are always seeking or up for a good time.  In light of this, it is probably a good idea to make your home safe for the Maine Coon Cat.

Black Maine Coons learn quickly how to use &  to manipulate items with their big paws. They quickly learn how to open drawers, cabinet doors, how to flush the toilet, how to lift the toilet lid, and even how to turn on water faucets. This can become a very big problem for you – and a very big danger for your Maine Coon Cat.

It’s a good idea to start by putting child-proof locks on any cabinets that you want your Maine Coon to be kept out of. Remember, however, that you are not child-proofing your home, you are Maine Coon Cat proofing your home, so make sure that you also apply child-proof locks to upper cabinets, and drawers as well.

For the cabinets and drawers that you don’t mind your Maine Coon opening, make sure that they are  toxic free. Never assume that if the cap is on a toxic chemical that it cannot harm your cat. It can!  Put these types of items into cabinets that have the child-proof locks. Even though Maine Coons do not climb well, this won’t stop them from investigating those high places at some point.

Take a walk about your home, examining each room for pitfalls.  Indoor cats that are well cared for become extremely relaxed in their surroundings. You probably can’t sneak up on a sleeping cat outdoors, but you could probably bounce all around your well-loved indoor cat and never disturb his nap.  He feels safe, and therefore sleeps very soundly.

While the sleep itself is not a danger, rolling over in his sleep could be. Cats put themselves in the oddest places for a nap. For example, if you have a flat top deep freeze in your kitchen, beside your refrigerator, you probably don’t have much room between the two. The chances are good that the top of the freezer will be a favorite nap spot of your Maine Coon. If he sleeps on the edge, rolls over, and falls down between the two appliances, it could hurt him – simply because there really isn’t enough room for him there.

If your cat wears a collar, (why oh why?) use the type of collar that will break away if it snags on something.  This will prevent your cat from being choked to death by his own collar. Of course, you need a main coon cat friendly harness, if you take him outdoors. Otherwise, look around your home for potential ‘snags.’

Bing Cat hiding
Bing hiding in his “crunchy pants”

Cats love plastic bags. They like the noise they make, for the most part, but just as they adore hiding in paper sacks, they will also try to hide in a plastic bag. They could get trapped inside and smother. Keep plastic bags out of their reach.

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