Finding a Maine Coon Cat

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Young Maine Coon MaleyAfter you have determined that you would like to be “adopted” by a Maine Coon cat, then knowing what to look for in selection and actually finding one can be challenging. Sometimes people that are interested in becoming a Maine Coon Cat owner, simply have no idea where to begin to find one.

Often cat showings is the place and often many of the people who put their cats in shows will also breed them. Finding a good and responsible Maine Coon breeder is the ticket. Keep in mind however, that these beautiful creatures can be expensive and can range from $1500.00 and up for a twelve week old kitten.

If you don’t attend cat shows, there are other options & resources to help you find a breeder. One online breeder’s referral list is located at This resource mostly only covers United States & Canada, with only a few other countries.

Another consideration is a Maine Coon Cat Rescue organization. Globally there are many such rescue organizations and in the US, the Maine Coon Rescue organization. Being a national rescue organization, they list the details & pictures of the Maine Coon Cats that are needing good homes for adoption.

Unlike animal shelters, rescues often have the cats placed in a loving and caring home until a permanent home is found. Through rescue, adult Maine coon cats and kittens can be found and you pay a lot less for their adoption. One dedicated rescue, located in the US, Maine Coon Rescue (MCR)

Another option is to call your local animal shelter and check with them to see if have any for adoption. That is how I came to be adopted by Mr. Bingley, a.k.a. “Bing”. Sometimes shelters will take your information and when a suitable match comes in will inform you. This is both a cost effective way and gives you opportunity to provide a loving home.

Black Maine Coon "Bing"

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