Maine Coon Cats Terms

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Maine Coon Cat Terms

Once you have a Maine Coon Cat, and you start talking and socializing with other Maine Coon Cat owners, you will find that you need to use a new vocabulary of words, in relation to the beloved cats. Here is a list of common terms and phrases associated with Maine Coons.

Outcross – If a Maine Coon is an outcross, this means that he is a product of mating between two animals of different blood lines. Litters that are outcross litters tend to be healthier and more robust than those who are products of inbreeding or line breeding, after a certain number of generations.

Line Breeding – Line breeding is the breeding of two animals that are members of the same blood line, but not closely related enough to be inbred. Generally, the two animals being mated have common ancestors four or five generations back. After much line breeding, however, the breeder should consider outcross breeding.

Inbreeding – Breeding two animals together that are closely related. The two animals may be mother and son, father and daughter, brother and sister, or half brother and half sister. There are some breeders who like the positive outcomes of inbreeding, and consider the negative outcomes affordable risks. There are also breeders who avoid inbreeding, and use line breeding instead.

Stud – A male Maine Coon that is used for breeding purposes. Ideally, this male will come from titled parents, and have titles of his own as well.

Queen – A female Maine Coon that is used for breeding purposes. Ideally, this female will come from titled parents, and have titles of her own as well. She may also be referred to as a Dam.

Genetic Disorder – Any gene related disorder. Genetic disorders are inherited from one or both parents. This is often a negative result of inbreeding.

Breed Standard – The acceptable characteristics of the Maine Coon, or any other breed. This is a set of standards by which the cats are judged at shows, and those standards are widely agreed upon by breeders and the feline organizations.

Call Name – This is essentially the name that you call your Maine Coon, even though it is a shortened version of his or her registered name, which is typically quite long.

Pedigree – A document that states the blood line of an animal. Pedigrees range from three to five generations, but may go back even further – but certainly never less than three generations.

Pedigreed Cat – This is simply a cat that has a pedigree. This does not mean that the cat is a pure breed, or that he is even registered. It simply means that there is a document for the cat that lists his blood line.

Registered – A cat that has been registered, along with his ancestry, through an accepted registry association. A registered cat may or may not be a pedigreed cat, but usually does have a pedigree.

Hybrid – a cat that results from breeding between two cats of different – pedigreed – breeds. For example, if a Persian is mated with a Maine Coon, the kittens are hybrids.

Show Quality – A Maine Coon that meets the breed standard enough that he can effectively compete in shows.

Pet Quality – A Maine Coon that falls below the breed standard to the point where he cannot compete in shows. An animal that is pet quality is still healthy, and can even still be a pure bred animal. It just means that he or she does not meet the standards in physical characteristics, and therefore, cannot be judged by those standards.

Black Maine Coon "Bing"
Bing snoozing =^.^=



Bing (Mr. Bingley) is pet quality and happy to rule the roost.

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