Meeting the Needs of Your Maine Coon Cat

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Black Maine Coon "Bing" playing with my scarfAs special as Maine Coon Cats are, they have very basic needs. You can easily meet those needs when you know what they are. Here is a list of the basics, and some ideas to help you provide them:

Food and Water – All animals need this. You should purchase ceramic or plastic food dishes. Do not free feed your Maine Coon, or he will become overweight very fast. Instead, only put food down for him three to four times per day, as recommended by your veterinarian. Also, feed him dry cat food, and try to purchase food specifically designed for the Maine Coon breed. Do not feed him human food.

A Litter Box – This is an obvious need. The truth is that your Maine Coon Cat, like other cats, will prefer to use a litter box, instead of doing his business directly on the floor. Your cat will want to dig a hole, do his business, and cover it up when he is finished. He’s very tidy that way. Select a litter box that is big enough for him – and small enough for him at the same time. Some kittens are too small to get into large litter boxes easily. Also, make sure that you choose a quality, clumping litter, and that you scoop the box daily, and change the litter completely once a week.

Maine Coon cat BanditToys – Purchase toys that are designed for cats. There are many items in your home that can be turned into toys as well – such as a paper bag scrunched into a balll. But your cat also needs toys that he can chew on and paw at, as well as toys that will entertain him and provide him with the exercise that he needs. Choose toys that will entertain him when you are busy with other things, as well as toys that you can enjoy together. Make sure the toys are safe.



A Place to Call His Own – As any cat owner knows, the cat owns the house, all of the items in the house, and all of the people in the house. It’s his. But, he also needs a special place, such as a bed of his own. This should be the area where you also keep his toys, so that he recognizes it as being ‘his place.’

Love and Attention – Your Maine Coon is extremely social. This means that he not only needs your love and care, he also needs your time and attention. You don’t have to constantly cater to him, but you do need to have a special time each day, where he has all of your attention.

He needs play time and quite time with you. Make sure that you talk to him – and listen when he talks back. It’s only a matter of time until he knows exactly what you are saying, and you know what he is saying, despite the fact that you speak two different languages. Let him know – everyday – that he is loved, and he will do the same for you.

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