Mr Bingley and Smokey

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This website is dedicated to Mr. Bingley, a.k.a. “Bing”.  A free loving, full spirited Black main coon cat.

Maltese Cat "Mokey"
“Mokey” a Maltese Blue

Last summer I had decided to adopt another rescue cat, as the one I had already, Smokey, was about a 1.5 years old and it was the time.  As Smokey, wasn’t a lap cat at all, I decided my next one, hopefully would be.

Off I went with 2 friends, to the local Cat rescue and adoption, with the idea of “just looking”.  Once inside, they asked what kind of cat I was looking for.  My requirements were an older cat (cause they have a harder time finding a good home), male and perferably loves to cuddle.

Without batting an eye, this black bundle, called Mr. Bingley, was placed into my arms and it proceeded to wrap his front paws around my neck and snuggle in under my chin, all the while purring.  Never had I bonded so quickly with anything nor had anything so quickly bond with me.

Without even seeing his face, I knew that he was adopting me and there was no going back.  They said, why don’t you take him home for a “week trial” and see how it works out.  Off we went, the brave Mr. Bingley, in his cat carrier, venturing into unknown territory.

Upon arrival at home, he had a good sniff around, munched on some salmon and played with a couple of toys.  He seemed very relaxed.  Then after the girls left, out came Smokey, to check out what the heck is this!

After a week of hissing at Bing, if he got too close, I was beginning to wonder if he would accept him.  They hadn’t had any battles, but it was a big change for Smokey, as he wasn’t the only one anymore.  As I work from home,  I could watch their behavior and interactions together, making sure no cat fights broke out.

Then just like that, Bing pounced over onto a snoozing Smokey, and grabbed his head with this paws and laid a few wet licks and kisses on him.  A much stunned Smokey, one ear cocked, went running after him and the two have been buddies since.

It was a great decision, being adopted by a Black Maine Coon and has worked out well.  It’s a lot of fun, hearing them rip cat around the house playing, to  both sitting on the side of the tub watching curiously when I’m bathing, to all piling up on the couch for an afternoon nap.

Bing and Mokey afternoon couch snooze
Bing and Mokey afternoon couch snooze

Having no idea what life with these boyz together was going to be, has lead to creating this website and sharing their shenanigans.  Enjoy!