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Karin Maine CoonCheck out how beautiful these gentle giants are!

A domestic breed, it is one of the largest domestic cats in existence.

They come in many different colors as you can see in these pictures of Maine Coon Cats.







Rosie Best Cat at the Madison Square Garden Cat Show

Maine Coon Cats have been around for more than a century. In fact, the first reference to them is from the 17th century in the United States. In fact, a Maine Coon cat is mentioned in literature in 1861. The next known mention of the Maine Coon is 1895, when a Maine Coon won the title of Best Cat at the Madison Square Garden Cat Show. There is much speculation as to how they originated, but there is not any substantial proof of any of the theories.


Honey Shaded Golden Maine Coon
The coat of the honey shaded golden Maine Coon is lighter than the dark shaded golden. In both varieties of shaded golden, the roots of the coat are golden and the tips are dark. The pattern of the dark shaded golden Maine Coon is similar to that of the black smoke coat — with a greater portion of each guard hair being dark


BlacktabbyMaine Coon
Black Tabby Maine Coon


Maine Coon Bambi
Two year old male Maine Coon in black mackerel tabby white


Young Blacksmoke Maine Coon Male cat
TICA Grand Champion black smoke Maine Coon male cat November 2008


Maine CoonThe Maine Coon has been around for more than a century, and it is believed that their physical design enables them to withstand the harsh winters of New England.

Everything from their overall size, to the shape of their paws, to the thickness of their fur makes them suitable animals for harsh winter weather.


Furthermore, their fur has a water resistant quality to it.

With big paws, often referred to as snowshoes are equipped

with tuffs of fur between the toes.   This Maine Coon is having

a walk outdoors, in  the snow, in Canada.





Maine Coon 2


The Maine Coon Cats of today would not have been considered as a part of the breed at one time. Only brown tabbies were referred to as Maine Coon Cats, and any ‘Maine Coon’ of a different color was referred to as a Maine Shag Cat.

Cat experts largely agree that the Maine Coon is a product of mating between short haired domestic cats with long hair cats from overseas, at a time when people began migrating from Europe.


Dark Shaded Golden Maine Coon Female cat


Maine Coon Cats also have unique personalities. They are often likened to dogs. Unlike  some other cat breeds, the Maine Coon is highly sociable with humans and other pets. These cats will actually run to you when you call them, and are likely to be sitting at the door waiting for you when you arrive home.

They do like a lot of love and attention!



Maine Coon cat Toronto home




Maine Coon cat-6 months old


Bluesmoke Maine Coon Female cat



Shaded Silver Maine Coons

Male and female shaded silver Maine Coons have white roots on their guard hairs and undercoats and dark tips


White Maine Coone Phoebe in the Flowers

Miss Phoebe McFadden of Foxbrook is a solid white two year-old Maine Coon with a prominent “ruff” or “majestic area.” She is quite vocal and trills her meows when happy, startled or if she’s disturbed while sleeping. Phoebe frequently strikes poses, a characteristic she most likely inherited from her show cat father, Diggary Dude of Foxbrook.


Black Maine Coon Bing


Mr. Bingley, a.k.a. “Bing” 1.5 yr old Black Maine Coon

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