black maine coon Bing

Black Cats are Cool

Top ten reasons to own a black cat!

Adopt a Lucky Black Cat… They have superpowers!

It’s sad but true, often black cats aren’t adopted because of their color. Perhaps it’s time to put an old stigma
to rest and realize that they are just as curious, lively and fun as any cat!

As Groucho Markz said, “a cat crossing your path is going somewhere!”

Help break the stigma and “Like” Black Cat Rescue on Facebook!

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Groomer Jessica with Bing's new cathawk

Shaved Cat Lion Cut with Mohawk



Bing is now a shaved cat! It is his first Lion cut with a Mohawk. Not too sure what Bing thinks about it, but the other cat Smokey was sure giving him a good look over.

Thought he’d have a go with this funky summer shaved look. This funky CatHawk was designed & styled at Bryant’s Pet Grooming Burlington and a big thanks to them. Apparently Bing enjoyed it as he was head butting for affection all the way though. Geez, I can barely get him to sit still long enough to trim his nails, let alone give him a shave. Selective shenanigans huh Bing!


Jessica Grooming Bing with CatHawk
Groomer Jess giving a “cathawk” to Bing

Shaved Cat Bing BlackMaineCoon.comShaved Cat Bing


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