Black Maine Coon

Tips for taking your cat to the veterinarian

Mr. Bingley, being a somewhat homebody, can sense really quickly when it’s his turn to go to the vet, and before I know it, he is off and hiding.¬† And he a lot faster runner than me, so it can sometimes end up becoming a unnecessary stressful ordeal.

In search of other ways to relieve his stress and mine, here are some great tips & advice from  Ilona Rodan (DVM, Dipl. ABVP) which runs a Feline Practice, on taking your cat to the veterinarian.


We have started to use these tips to help Bing become more comfortable with the carrier by putting one of his cozy blankets inside, a toy and treats. As I have two cats, both take turns going in and out and has seemed to help with the process and reduce stress. Using the same technique, makes the whole process easier when going to the groomers too.

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