Cat Furminator

Bing being brushed with furminator

Furminator for Cats | Furminator Reviews | Black Maine Coon

How does the cat furminator perform on cats and the Maine Coon cat? Bing, a Black Maine Coon purrs when being brushed with the cat furminator. I have found it to be the most effective for a bi weekly brushing. He purrs when brushed with it too and it sure seems to do the best job. Works really well on my short haired Maltese blue cat too. Amen to a lot less vacuuming!

Cat Furminator being used on Bing, a long haired Cat

In the video, Bing is at Bryant’s Pet Grooming and they are using the large furminator, as both of my guys are larger cats and it gets the job done faster. The cat Furminator has really helped in eliminating hairballs, greatly reduced the vacuuming and that is a good thing for me too.

Cat Furminator Sizes & Combinations

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