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Perhaps you have been “adopted” by an outdoor feral cat and want to be able to provide an Cat Outdoor house or shelter or maybe you live in a country rural area where it’s zoned that cats can live outside.  What ever your situation, there are many types of cat outdoor houses available.  Some feature being off the ground ( good if your area gets snow) while others are also insulated cat houses. It’s important that the shelter has two entrances and when needed creates a escape route for the cat.
In this video, Preparing Feral Cat Houses for Winter, this couple have built feral cat shelters for their community cats. They fill the houses with straw to keep the cats warm all winter and avoid using hay. Straw has less moisture than hay, which keeps it from freezing in damp weather.

Be sure to get your neighborhood cats spayed and neutered and provide them with regular food, water (in a heated bowl for winter), warm, dry shelter & vet care when needed.

Cat Outdoor House styles you might like:


Insulated Cat Houses styles you might like:

Other portable Cat Outdoor House Styles:

Outdoor Heated Drinking Bowl

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