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Cats Litter Box Habits

Until that order wafts though the house is often when humans become aware of the litter box. But to your black Maine coon, it is of great importance! First priorities being good food and fresh water, then the condition of his litter box. The ideal litter box is one that doesn’t stink up the house but your Maine coon has litter box requirements.

Try to picture it from your Maine coon’s perspective when considering the litter box. As they tend to be bigger cats, a box that has plenty of room to move about and dig is preferred. Thankfully, litter-boxes come in many different sizes and consider gearing the size to the age of your cat. A smaller litter box if your cat is a kitten, that he can easily get in and out of. This box however will be far too small when full grown. It’s a good idea to start out with a smaller cheaper one and then purchase a larger one that will accommodate his size.

On the market there are many types of litter boxes available from plain pan to hooded more private to fully automated and self cleaning. Often cats prefer the luxury of two litter boxes, and the will choose one for urinating and the other for bowel movements. As cats generally like to mark their territory by urinating, the bowel movement will temporarily cover up the smell and this is why preference is two boxes. And even more ideally, not located side by side.

When your Maine coon is full grown you might want to consider investing in a litter box that is automated. An interesting invention that attempts to keep your home smelling litter box free.

The automated box is designed to detect when the box is “in use” and after allowing adequate time for your cat to do his business and exit, it then starts up. By raking through the litter and then removing the “waste” from the box. Some automated boxes completely remove waste right out of the main portion into a storage compartment. Some the are attached directly to the toilet, then the “waste” is directly delivered into the toilet, but are quite expensive.

A clumping cat litter is often the best choice in a regular litter box. There are many brands and types available and it’s probably best to test a few brands and stick with the one that your Maine coon cat prefers. I prefer to avoid flushing any type of cat litter down the toilet, even if it says flush-able.

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