Lion Cut

Groomer Jessica with Bing's new cathawk

Shaved Cat Lion Cut with Mohawk



Bing is now a shaved cat! It is his first Lion cut with a Mohawk. Not too sure what Bing thinks about it, but the other cat Smokey was sure giving him a good look over.

Thought he’d have a go with this funky summer shaved look. This funky CatHawk was designed & styled at Bryant’s Pet Grooming Burlington and a big thanks to them. Apparently Bing enjoyed it as he was head butting for affection all the way though. Geez, I can barely get him to sit still long enough to trim his nails, let alone give him a shave. Selective shenanigans huh Bing!


Jessica Grooming Bing with CatHawk
Groomer Jess giving a “cathawk” to Bing

Shaved Cat Bing BlackMaineCoon.comShaved Cat Bing


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