Maine Coon Cat Travelling

Maine Coon Cat Travelling

Main coon catYour Maine Coon Cat will enjoy traveling more than any other breed of cat. These highly social animals love to see new things and new places – and they hate to be left behind in unfamiliar territory.

With that said. If you must travel without your Maine Coon, try to find someone who will come to stay at the cat’s home, instead of sending him to a kennel or to a relative’s home. You could also have someone simply come into feed him and take care of the litter box, but if you will be gone for long, your Maine Coon will become very lonely, and worry about what has happened to you. This is very stressful for him.

If you can take him with you, the first thing that you need is a carrier. Remember that Maine Coons grow to be very large, and carriers can be expensive. Therefore, purchase one for your kitten that will still accommodate him when he is fully grown. He should have room to stand up, turn around, and to stretch out to sleep.

These carriers are typically enclosed, as opposed to open type cages. Make sure that there is plenty of ventilation and that you position the carrier so that you can still see the cat inside. Also, when traveling by car, use the seat belt and strap the carrier in. This way, if you have an accident, the cat will be better protected. These carriers are very sturdy, but can still get tossed around the car, causing injury.

If traveling by train or air, call the airline or train depot well ahead of your departure date. Find out the protocol for checking your Maine Coon in. Also inquire about the carrier regulations, and make sure that your carrier will pass muster – otherwise, your Maine Coon isn’t getting on the plane or train!

Note that some airlines and railway companies will not transport pets. Make sure that you ask before making your reservations. Also note that many hotels do not allow pets. Again, make sure that you inquire before making a reservation. If you will be staying with a friend or relative, make sure that they know that you are bringing your Maine Coon, and ask if it is a problem. Make sure that the cat can be accommodated indoors.

Finally, make sure that you pack properly for your Maine Coon. He needs his bedding, his favorite toys, his food, his food and water bowls, a litter box, his brand of litter, and any medications that he regularly takes. He also needs his vaccination records, and the name and phone number of your veterinarian. He will also need a leash and harness.

If traveling by car, make sure that you stop and let him out on the leash and harness so that he can ‘stretch his legs’ a bit about every two to three hours. Have a water dish and bottled water handy as well for car trips. If your Maine Coon doesn’t travel well – and gets car sick – ask your veterinarian about the correct dosage of Dramamine.


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