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Should You Adopt a Maine Coon Cat?

Everyday people adopt pets.  Sadly sometimes they are adopted for all the wrong reasons & without carefully considering.  Please, before you decide to adopt a Maine Coon or any pet for that matter, be a responsible pet owner!

One of the overlooked expenses is care for your pet.  This includes the obvious things like good nutritious food, daily cat life supplies and veterinarian care & emergency care.  Often the initial cost your paid for your Maine Coon, is just the start, of the cost of your pet, over it’s life time.  On average, the overall cost and upkeep for your Maine Coon, is about $8k if it lives to fifteen.

Another consideration is that where you are living, that you are allowed to have pets.  Some rentals simply do not allow pets.  If your considering moving in the future, will you be allowed to have pets?  Sadly, many “beloved” pets end up for adoption in shelters because they are “not allowed”.

Consider your lifestyle – how busy is it?  Working usually is not the problem, but if your rarely home at all, this can be a problem for your Main Coon cat as they are very sociable animals, requiring your attention and love.

Sometimes owning a Maine Coon cat can be compared with having a “toddler” in the house as they are intelligent and curious and get into things and can make a mess.  They may also by accident break something and if these are big deal breakers for you, you might want to think again before adopting any pet.

All babies are adorable and the Maine coon kitten is no exception.  But they do grow up to become full grown Maine Coon cats.  A cuddly cute kitten is easy to fall in love with but consider will you still want and love a full grown Maine Coon cat that may sit beside you because he has outgrown  your lap.

If you travel often, or expect to travel often, this is something that must also be considered. What will you do with your Maine Coon while you are traveling?  Sometimes, you will be able to bring it with you, but the chances are good that you won’t always be able to bring your pet along on your trip.  Are you prepared?

Do you have small children or babies? Sometimes pets and babies do not get along well. Small children who do not know better can accidentally cause the animal pain – and the animal reacts to that – well – as animals do. This typically means with teeth and claws.

Will you be able to keep your Maine Coon Cat indoors at all times, or only take it outdoors on a leash and harness? If not, don’t adopt one. Many breeders & shelters require you to sign an agreement that states that the kitten/cat will only be an indoor pet.  Cats are not dogs – they won’t stay in a fenced in yard without being restrained.

Never adopt a pet on a whim. It is something that requires a great deal of thought, because there is a great deal of responsibility attached to owning a pet.  That responsibility lasts as long as the animal lives.

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Cat Lover’s Around the World

You love your Maine Coon Cat, and you want to socialize with other Maine Coon Cat Lover’s as well. There are many reasons for doing so – aside from the social aspect of it. When you associate with other Maine Coon Cat owners, you will learn a great deal of information, and you may even find a mentor to get you started with shows.

In fact, cat shows are an excellent place to meet other Maine Coon owners. Here, you can not only see their cats, but you can also talk to them about their show preparation and how they care for their cats in general. Take the time to talk to the cat owner’s at these shows. There is a great deal to learn, and numerous contacts to be made. Carry cards with you that have your contact details on them.

Find out if there is a Maine Coon Cat club in your area. You may be surprised to find out that there is. Talking to the breeder in your area – or as close to your area as possible – is the best way to find these clubs. In most cases, the breeder will be a member of the club, and can give you contact details and information for joining.

Contact national organizations that have local branches as well. This is another way to connect with Maine Coon Cat owner’s in your area. These organizations typically hold regular meetings. You should become a member of these organizations, as a Maine Coon Cat owner.

There are numerous online resources for connecting with Maine Coon Cat owners around the world as well, and you should definitely take advantage of those resources. Many of the organizations maintain email lists, but you can find a slew of email lists devoted to Maine Coon Cats through Yahoo Groups as well, at

Be prepared for an onslaught of mail if you don’t choose the daily digest feature! These lists have many members who are conversing and sharing information throughout the day, and there will be a great deal of email in your inbox. It is a good idea to set up an email account especially for these lists as well.

Ask your breeder about other Maine Coon Cat owners in the area. Often breeders keep up with the people who adopt their kittens. Obviously, the breeder will maintain the privacy of the other owners, but you can give him your contact details and ask him to share them with his other clients. You can also ask your veterinarian to give your contact details to other Maine Coon Cat owners who are his clients.

Maine Coon Cats are a special breed, and a special breed of humans is owned by them. Again, it is a good idea to meet other Maine Coon Cat owners, to share information and to develop life long friendships based on a common interest. You may have to do a little work to find the Maine Coon Cat owners in your area, but they are there if you look for them!

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