Maine Coon Cat Standards

Maine Coon cat Cosey, first winner cat show New York may 1895If you’ve never been to a cat show, it is important that you understand what your Maine Coon Cat is going to be judged on before you enter. Each show is different, of course, with points being awarded in a different fashion, but regardless of which organization is running the show, what the judges are looking at is all pretty much the same.

At cat shows, there are 100 possible points that your cat can be awarded. Again, the way that these points are doled out among the different standards varies from one organization to the next, with each area being worth a certain number of points. However, the various national organizations do have an agreed upon Breed Standard, which is used for judging at all shows – again, the points may be awarded differently.

Maine Coon cat-6 months oldFor the purposes of this article, we will use the CFA Breed Standards point system. Using the CFA Breed Standards point system, your Maine Coon Cat will be judged as follows:

Head – Worth up to 30 points – Up to 15 points are awarded for the shape of the head, 10 points for the ears, and 5 points for the eyes.

Body – Worth up to 30 points – Up to 15 points are awarded for the shape of the body, 5 points for the neck, 5 points for the legs and feet, and 5 points for the tail.

Coat – Worth up to 20 points.

Color – Worth up to 15 points – Up to 10 points are awarded for body color, and up to 5 points are awarded for eye color.

Balance – Worth up to 5 points.
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The show sponsors will provide you with details concerning exactly how the points are awarded for each area, but as you can see, the total of all possible points is 100. Obviously, some cats will be awarded the same number of total points. In this event, the judges have a predetermined method for breaking the tie.

Aside from awarding points, the judge will also determine whether or not your cat meets all of the qualifications for the show and the breed. If it does not, it will be disqualified. You can also be disqualified if you have failed to provide the appropriate information, such as a male being neutered.

Not following the show rules can also get you disqualified. Typically, when the judging starts, you will be asked to leave. You must remove food and toys from the inside of your cats show pen, leaving only the cat, his blanket, the curtains (if you have any), and his water. Also, you are usually asked to bring a piece of ribbon. This is used to tie your cat’s number either on the cage or around his neck for identification purposes in judging.

A cat show is an all day event. There are hundreds, and sometimes thousands of cats to be judged, in various different breeds in most cases. This takes time. There are typically numerous judges as well. The show can start as early as 8 a.m, with judging starting around 10 a.m. Most shows are usually over by 5p.m.

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