Pets Growing Up with Their Toys

When you give your new little pet a toy, have you ever wondered what the toy would look like when your pet is all grown up? This video is cute because it shows how big their pets have gotten and how small their toy seems now!

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Maine Coon Cats and paper bags

For some Maine Coon cats a big paper bag can be a lot of fun! Be sure to cut the handles on the bag, as the handle can slip over their head. With the hand cut, it can help to prevent an accident. Bing is also fascinated with bags and he managed to get the handle over his head and got scared and took off running with the bag around his neck. Thanks to previously cutting the handles, the bag worked itself loose and after he had calmed down, came back to play.

Another toy that Bing seems to enjoy is a “crunchy pants”, designed as a tunnel, that he can run through. He often like to sit inside, waiting for the other cat to pass by and jump out and then they both love running around and through it.

BingBlack Maine coon Cat
Bing hiding in his “crunchy pants”
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